Types Of Retail Instutions Related To Agri Business Presentation

Introduction to Types of Retail Institutions in Agri Business
• There are several types of retail institutions in the agri business sector.
• These institutions play a crucial role in the supply chain of agricultural products.
• They serve as intermediaries between farmers/ producers and consumers.

Farmer's Markets
• Farmer's markets are retail institutions where farmers directly sell their produce to consumers.
• These markets provide fresh and locally sourced agricultural products.
• They offer a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and bakery items.

• Supermarkets are large retail institutions that offer a wide range of agricultural products.
• They source their products from various suppliers, including farmers, wholesalers, and distributors.
• Supermarkets provide convenience and offer a one-stop shopping experience for consumers.

Grocery Stores
• Grocery stores are smaller retail institutions that primarily focus on selling food and household products.
• They source agricultural products from wholesalers and distributors.
• Grocery stores are usually located within residential areas for easy access to consumers.

Specialty Food Stores
• Specialty food stores are retail institutions that specialize in specific types of agricultural products.
• Examples include organic food stores, cheese shops, and butcher shops.
• These stores cater to consumers who have specific dietary requirements or preferences.

Cooperative Stores
• Cooperative stores are retail institutions owned and operated by a group of farmers or producers.
• These stores collectively market and sell their agricultural products.
• Cooperatives help farmers by providing them with a direct market and better bargaining power.

Online Retailers
• Online retailers are retail institutions that operate through e-commerce platforms.
• They offer a wide range of agricultural products and deliver them directly to consumers' doorsteps.
• Online retailers provide convenience and accessibility to consumers who prefer to shop from home.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
• Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a retail institution where consumers subscribe to receive regular deliveries of fresh produce directly from farmers.
• CSA promotes a direct relationship between farmers and consumers, fostering a sense of community.
• Consumers pay upfront, providing financial support to farmers and ensuring a steady market for their products.

Wholesale Markets
• Wholesale markets are retail institutions that serve as a hub for buying and selling agricultural products in large quantities.
• They cater to retailers, restaurants, and foodservice businesses.
• Wholesale markets help in efficiently distributing agricultural products and maintaining competitive prices.

• The retail institutions in agri business play a vital role in connecting farmers with consumers.
• They provide a variety of options for consumers to purchase agricultural products.
• These institutions contribute to the growth and sustainability of the agri business sector.

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