English Words Derived From Indian Language Presentation

English has borrowed numerous words from Indian languages.

These loanwords have enriched the English vocabulary.

The influence of Indian languages on English can be traced back to colonial times.

Yoga, meaning "union" in Sanskrit, has become a widely used term in English.

It refers to a spiritual, physical, and mental discipline originating in ancient India.

The popularity of yoga has led to the adoption of related terms such as "asana" (yoga pose) and "pranayama" (breathing exercises).

The word "guru" has its roots in Sanskrit, where it means "teacher" or "spiritual guide."

In English, it is used to refer to an expert or mentor in any field.

The concept of a guru has gained recognition beyond religious or spiritual contexts.

Karma, derived from Sanskrit, translates to "action" or "deed."

In English, it is commonly used to describe the concept of cause and effect or the consequences of one's actions.

The idea of karma has permeated various aspects of modern life, including popular culture.

Bungalow, originally from the Hindi word "bangla," refers to a single-story dwelling with a veranda.

The term was introduced to English during the colonial era in India.

Bungalows are now found worldwide and are associated with a relaxed, tropical lifestyle.

Chutney, borrowed from Hindi, represents a condiment or sauce made of fruits, vegetables, or herbs.

It adds flavor and complements various dishes.

Chutney has become popular in international cuisine and is enjoyed in many different cultures.

Shampoo, derived from the Hindi word "chāmpo," initially referred to a massage or kneading of the scalp.

It later evolved to mean a cleansing product for hair.

Shampoo is now a widely used term globally, associated with personal hygiene.

Curry, originating from the Tamil word "kari," refers to a variety of spiced dishes in Indian cuisine.

In English, it denotes a sauce or gravy with a blend of spices.

Curry has become a staple in many cuisines worldwide, representing a rich and flavorful dish.

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